From Monday 14th August to Sunday 20th August, over 6000 schools from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa competed for glory in the Tri-Nations Challenge. The event challenged students to earn as many points as possible in Mathletics during the competition period, by completing live Mathletics games and answering curriculum activity questions. It was a tight race, where students put in a huge effort to keep their schools neck-and-neck for the whole challenge.

We’re excited to announce that the overall winner of the Tri-Nations Challenge and the proud recipient of the Tri-Nations Cup is:

Lighthouse Academy

South Africa


Students from Lighthouse Academy triumphed with an incredible average student points score of 14,541! As well as winning the Tri-Nations Cup and national pride, 1st place was awarded with a R10 000 3P Learning voucher. Congratulations to all the students and teachers at Lighthouse Academy for your determination to take out the crown on behalf of South Africa.

Second place went to Australia’s Terang College 5-12 and third place was Hope School in New Zealand. Both the second and third placed schools received vouchers to use towards a 3P Learning resource.

In addition to the prizes given to our top placing schools, the top 3 students in each year level have been awarded with a Tri-Nations medal and a $50 iTunes gift card.


The Tri-Nations Challenge was free and simple to participate in – a fantastic way to get students engaged in maths, and have fun in a friendly competition with countries from around the world! Well done to all the schools involved. Watch this space for the next Mathletics challenge…