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Number is the first mathematical concept that young learners need to understand. It can be difficult, like learning a whole new language. Mathletics recognises that the development of numeracy and number sense is fundamental to the understanding of most mathematical concepts. With this in mind, Mathletics has created Numeracy for Early Learners, a series of multimedia resources that cover essential early numeracy learning over the first three years of schooling…

Meet the Numbeanies
Meet the Magic Mentors

Open the Numbeanies Games Box…

Using physical materials is essential for young learners to develop an understanding of number. Yet new technologies are constantly changing the way children want to learn.

Enter the Numbeanies… numbers have never been so much fun! Numbeanies pairs an augmented reality app with number flashcards, using technology to elevate and extend learning, deepen engagement and increase student understanding. Numbeanies includes:

  • A deck of AR-enabled flash cards that represent numbers as collections, numerals and words.

  • A digital app that interacts with the AR flash cards to develop children’s number skills through a series of fun interactives.

  • A searchable online library of games and activities that the flash cards can be used for in the classroom.

Numbeanies Numeracy from Mathletics

We love learning. That’s why we offer every school a free trial of Mathletics. Explore the Numeracy for Early Learners resources in your classroom today.

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Meet the Magic Mentors…

Video is not only a powerful way to maintain the attention of young learners, it is also a useful tool for communicating new concepts. Meet the Magic Mentors – a trusted set of entertaining and educationally rigorous videos designed to explain foundational numeracy concepts in easy-to-understand language.

These 18 engaging, high-quality lessons model best practice in early learning numeracy and other subjects. Each video is supported by resources including worksheets, activities and lesson plans, which help teachers to extend the learning modelled in the video, making the experience personalised and active for young learners.

Magic Mentors Video Numeracy from Mathletics
Numbeanies Numeracy from Mathletics